You know that feeling when you drop a penny down a dark shaft and wait for the sound of it hitting the bottom?

You know how you can sometimes run for miles and miles, and you round a bend thinking you’re almost there but actually you’re not?

You know how to-do list items have a habit of multiplying until all the stuff you put off from last month is buried under all the stuff you had put off from the month before?


I’ll be back… eventually.

The End Really Is In Sight…

I am appalled at the incredible lack of follow-through I’ve become accustomed to in keeping this blog. I owe you all an ending to this story, and I promise it is coming soon. This is a busy week, but so are all of them… So I’ll go out on a limb and estimate the arrival of the next three “Except When It Rains” installments by the end of April 13 – that’s next Sunday.



And thank you for joining me and my scribbles. It is my supreme hope that you come away from this weblog with a peaceful, satisfied sensation. That pleasant feeling of time well spent, of fresh idealism, anticipating what the day may have in store. I get that feeling whenever I write, and I hope to here pass it on to you.cort.jpg

 Thanks for reading. Come back any time.