Hello, I’m Cortney Matz and I love stories.

My story begins near Washington, DC, where I learned to love movies, people, and chocolate. Virginia is a wonderful state – overstocked with history and teeming with culture – and where I lived, I was within three hours’ drive of the city, the country, the mountains, or the beach. Road trips and notebooks became my favorite ways to explore.

In November 2012, I made a big decision to sell my grownup house and move to a vacation rental in Virginia Beach, right next to the ocean. This afforded me more time to write, more pretty things to look at while I write, and some meditative ocean soundtrack to contemplate choices for my future life.

In June 2013, I made the ultimate road trip cross-country to Hollywood, California, in search of fresh fodder for my three favorite things. So far it has not been a move to disappoint. The stories keep coming, so I’ll post updates here as each new chapter unfolds.

Travel is good for writers, it makes our brains bigger. And chocolate is good for everyone – especially the kind that you can buy directly from the person who made it. If you go somewhere and discover innovative chocolate along the way, you can’t help being an awesome writer.

It’s a big world. Let’s go somewhere and write about it.

To contact me or subscribe to updates: cortneymatz@yahoo.com

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