Life. Ain’t it fun?

My screenwriting class officially started two days ago, with a 3.5 hour teleconference. Very stimulating, motivating and inspiring. And even though I have a huge backlog of work to catch up on, a house to finish cleaning and painting, and a few carloads of stuff to pack and move by Thursday… I can’t wait for my first screenwriting assignment!

To make things more interesting, we’re having some unusual weather in the northern Virginia/east coast/entire right half of the United States area.

The hurricane that went a little too far.

I just called my landlord in Virginia Beach to see if I can still move in Thursday, and everything appears to be right as rain down there. Which is great because I have really been looking forward to moving.

Now to be productive for the next three hours, just in case the 40-55 mph winds don’t knock out the electricity and keep me from receiving the email with my first writing assignment. Because I just can’t wait to find out what it is.