Under Attack!

I did something that I’m kind of intimidated about.

The Screenwriting subReddit (Screddit) threw down a challenge to write a full screenplay every month.

Screddit Attack is a spin off of the now defunct Script Frenzy. Except we’re opening it up to one hour drama’s as well as half hour comedies. To make things fair, writers who wish to write a 30 minute show must write two within the month. It’s a contest against yourself and a way to get all of us to start writing!

“A script in a month?” you say. “Every month?” you say.

Ah, but there are prizes.

courtesy of dailydesigninspiration.com

For every month that the challenge is successfully met, you get a ribbon. Next to your name. On Reddit. In different colors, depending on how many months you accumulate.

So now the truth comes out – I will do anything for colored ribbons.

Even write a screenplay in a month.

Day 9: Tweet Back

I don’t know many of the people I follow on Twitter, so oftentimes I feel I’m tweeting into a vast abyss with no guarantees that anyone will see – let alone care about – what I wrote. So the occasional response I get is hugely gratifying.

Wouldn’t we love to give that gratification to our fellow tweeps? Oh, good.

Day 9: Respond to at least three people on Twitter

So, I hopped on Twitter and wrote back to the first three posts I saw:

@DannyManus Lazy Saturday takes on a whole new meaning when it’s doctor ordered.
@cortneywrites Did it ruin it for you?

@WritersDigest Writing retreat on the Greek isle of Ithaca this summer
@cortneywrites *drooling*

@ASouthernYankee Today I discovered that if you argue with the groceries in your shopping cart, the checkout line magically clears.
@cortneywrites Nice

There they are. My responses. Tweeted them right out into the abyss. No acknowledgment of said tweets has been made in the last 13 minutes, but that’s okay. You know, my readers. You know it all.

If it were easy to build a platform, everyone would do it. At least I have 94 followers, even if they don’t always read my tweets. I guess that is the reason we keep writing… so we have something to engage readers with once we’ve pulled them all together.

Day 3: Get Sociable Part 1

Four new followers today! Wow, this is so exciting. I just got home from lunch and am jetting out in a few minutes, but I will check you guys out soon. Meanwhile, a big welcome to Daniel Postlethwaite, MarriageCoach1, Madmoiselle Gathou, and Mazhar Qureshi!

Today’s step toward building my writing platform is ostensibly done already… I’ve been on Facebook for a few years now, but as I’m reading Robert’s recommendations, I realize I could crank it up a notch. For one thing, my writing page is seriously neglected. I don’t have time right now, but later tonight or tomorrow I will for-sure beef that up. You can hold me to it!

Day 3: Start a Facebook profile

This is a little sneaky, because there are two other blog posts linked within the one on Facebook… which I don’t have time to read right now, but will come back to. For now let’s skip to the “Most Important Things to Keep in Mind.”

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  1. Use your real name. Check!
  2. Complete your profile completely. Hmmm… my profile is pretty bare bones. I don’t like to talk about myself that much, and posting all my likes, dislikes, job history and voting preferences cut pretty close to the Day 1 “Define yourself” challenge/phobia. But I will take this under consideration.
  3. Use your account regularly. I do use my account, but I don’t post often. Robert recommends posting once a day. My last post was May 16 (today is May 20). Not terrible, but there is definite room for improvement.

In the interest of building an online platform for my projects and myself, the two main goals here are to make me easy to find and easy to contact. So I can see how mentioning something about writing and video production on my Facebook profile could be good. Even better, post my email address!

Things that make you say, “Duh.”

I’m curious what you all think of Facebook. There are a lot of privacy concerns flying around, and as I begin to use it more for business building in some ways, I don’t want to kill all the fun. I don’t want to be hyper-vigilant about what photos I post or are posted of me, for instance.

I also wonder if becoming more public with my profile in any way exposes my friends – if someone looks at my profile, do they then see all my friends’ posts on my page? Probably, yes. And depending on what they posted, that could be weird for them.

So… still figuring this out. Any thoughts from my new and beloved readers?

Day 2: Commit Yourself to the Impossible

Yesterday’s challenge went so well, I almost wanted to do Day 2 last night! This place has been neglected since January and with one post I suddenly have two new followers, Jill of all Trades and Kashfi Fahim, two fellow writers and bloggers on WordPress.

Now that I know who I am, Robert Brewer wants me to lay down some goals. I guess the plan is to confront all my phobias right at the beginning of this challenge, and then things get easier later. Part of the problem with setting goals is that I set unreasonable goals. I’m sure this is not uncommon, but still it bugs me to have items on my to-do list that are simply not going to get checked off.

Whoever said writing was therapy, I’m beginning to see the point. Well, here goes.

Day 2: Set Your Goals

Since it worked out so well yesterday, I’ll start with Robert’s goals as a template and swap out my own. I just noticed these lists both suspiciously end with ‘Etc.’ Hmmm…

Deep breath. I can do this.

Short-term goals:

  • Complete this writing challenge (2 days down, 28 to go!)
  • In June, finish editing my pilot TV episode for The Chocolate Tourist
  • Increase traffic and visibility for online episodes of The Chocolate Tourist
  • In June, get to page 60 on the rough draft for my screenplay
  • Finish tweaks to 48HFP film entry for wrap party on June 6
  • Get in the habit of blogging weekly at DCTravels
  • Create my first e-newsletter for Pink Papaya
  • Come up with a basic marketing plan for For The Glory by the time I leave for vacation
  • Work out every day and track calories
  • Play an open mic before the summer ends
  • Go back to Europe with my mom and visit castles
  • Figure out how to sync my cortneywrites.com domain with my WordPress or Tumblr feed
  • Beef up my social media… with Google+
  • Figure out Reddit and Digg

Again, I’m sure I forgot something… there’s always editing.

The trouble with these long-term goals is that when any one of these things happens, it will throw most of the others off course. I guess then I will just reassess and rewrite. I can do that.

Long-term goals:

  • Get The Chocolate Tourist on air with a network
  • Develop other show ideas for web and TV
  • Teach some other people about what I’ve learned and am learning
  • Sell my screenplay
  • Become financially solvent with writing and production work alone
  • Record a CD of all my songs
  • Attain and maintain a healthy weight
  • Find someone to marry and marry him
  • Enjoy each day with whatever it brings
  • Get closer to God
  • Learn French
  • Live in a treehouse

What about you? Are your goals in front of you somehow? Do they motivate you?

Courtesy of THE FLAMES THAT FUEL HER on Tumblr

Day 1: Get Back in the Box

It rarely happens that I get bored, but today I did. And then I remembered I’m supposed to be a writer, so hey… why not get on that.

As you can see from my last effort, I have a great fondness for defined strategies of success. Whether or not I have the passion or inspiration to follow through is yet to be seen. But let’s not give up just yet – fellow blogger Not Bob (or Robert, as others may call him) led a very interesting experiment last month, posting 30 suggestions for building one’s writing platform in 30 days.

Let’s play, shall we? Day One: Define Yourself

You know that box we’ve all been trying to think outside of? Well that’s good, keep doing that but first I guess we should have a good grip on what the box is, per se.

There are few things that defy me more than the task to describe myself, my passion, or my plans for the future with any sort of definitive finality. So this could be a little tough. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Plus, Robert already filled out the form so I just have to adjust his answers to match my box.

Name: Cortney Matz

Position(s): Creator/Producer of The Chocolate Tourist online video series; freelance video editor; freelance webmaster; screenwriter; filmmaker; wedding videographer; worship leader; social media consultant; idea-generator

Skill(s): Editing, creative writing, copywriting, blogging, problem solving, idea generation, drawing, graphic designing, shooting (on video), dreaming, coordinating, training for half marathons, picking out cute shoes for big feet, helping others find their niche, making things pretty

Social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr

URLs: www.cortneymatz.com, www.thechocolatetourist.tv, www.scribblesinnotebooks.wordpress.com, www.cortneymatzwrites.wordpress.com, coelma.tumblr.com

Accomplishments: Oh, too many to mention.

Interests: Writing , marriage (achieving it), faith, fitness (especially running and the Biggest Loser Wii game), watching movies, talking about movies, playing piano, singing, songwriting, making stuff (like cards and t-shirts), cooking, reading.

In one sentence, who am I? Cortney Matz is a writer and multimedia producer with way too many ideas for one person to possibly execute, so she has a bunch of friends that help with some of them and then she writes about the rest.

Whew! That wasn’t so hard. Starting with Robert’s answers really helped. Thanks Robert!

I might edit this later.