This blog is having an identity crisis

I’m peeved.

The online forum I depend on for posting and receiving critique for my screenwriting assignments is broken. The ScreenwritingU people decided to move their entire site to a new system in the middle of all these classes – because that sort of thing always goes exactly as planned – and the result is me locked out of the forum. For eleven days now.

I know I’m not the only one who can’t access the forum, and I know it’s only temporary, and I know they are doing everything they can to fix everything. But meanwhile I do feel disconnected, and I’m not really sure what day we’re on and which assignment I should be working on.

I hesitate to mention this here, because I don’t know if it’s really the right place to spill my guts about my life.

All the marketing and business gurus tell me I should have a brand, a brand for my company and my blog and my self. I’ve always resisted the personal brand, because it seems so commercial and opposed to what we human beings are in essence. You are not just a person who likes to read, you are probably also a writer who likes to write about more than just puppets (though puppets come up a lot) and you probably like more than just action movies (though you watch a lot of action movies). You, like everyone in the world, are multi-faceted. Difficult to sum up in 140 characters.

I say all this because my blog is supposed to have a brand, a basic concept that my posts adhere to and that helps my potential readers find me. Because so many people are out there searching for a fiction blog that offers short stories every seven or eight months.

Normal everyday chores

Normal everyday chores

I have two blogs right now. Well. I have more than two, but two that I recognize and actively try to keep up with.

The blog you’re reading now is meant to be devoted to fiction. My other one is meant to be nonfiction/travel – although the topic has bounced around there as well. But where do I put screenwriting stuff? Or any other various and sundry categories that don’t fit either of the above?

Then I’ve gone and started this online video series about chocolate, and if I want to write about any of the amazing places I’ve been with that… well, you see how quickly one single person can scrounge up all the domain names in the universe.

And I don’t think I can remember one more password.

Branding escapes me. I get it when other people do it (or don’t). I know I need to be somewhat focused in my communications. It’s just the narrowing down of all the options that hurts. I don’t want to leave anything out.

Ideally, this is the point in the post where I would tie everything together with an ironic twist or a pithy insight that you would never see coming. Sorry.

It’s times like these that I envy food bloggers.

Instead, I will recap: being locked out of my screenwriting class stinks, and I want to write about it. But there’s nowhere to go since I’m locked out of my screenwriting class.

Join me next time for a brief discussion of characters, and why you should have them.


5 thoughts on “This blog is having an identity crisis

  1. Check out the Done Deal Pro forum. It’s free. Better yet, a number of actual working screenwriters post there. There are plenty of idiots there, but I still managed to learn a lot and make a fair number of friends from that place, who I’m still friends with years later.

    As far as marketing/branding… not sure if you’re simply referring to screenwriting or not, but I would argue that it’s not all that important for screenwriting until you actually have a manager and/or agent who’s taking your stuff out. Until then, just write the best stuff you can. Stories you’re passionate about. Those are the stories that will get reps excited, and then you can worry about branding.

    • Thanks NG, I will check out the Done Deal Pro. I’m mostly concerned about a format for this place. I love your concept- writing and running! Two great things! Any nibbles on your screenplay?

      • Well, we optioned one in October and I’m developing another one with producers (although that’s going really slow). I’m still in the middle of my current spec, but we’re hoping to take that out in May.

        Thanks for checking out the blog!

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