Day 5: Put Your Writing on the Internet

In other words: blog. This is today’s assignment in Robert Brewer’s writing challenge, and I have to say, I think I’ve got it licked. I have a few different blogs with a few different focuses, and one Tumblr account that basically collects everything I’ve ever written online.

Now here’s the real question… how often do I blog?

How often do you blog? As writers trying to build a following, we have to blog regularly! It helps the Googlebots and the casual WordPress peruser to find us and all our writerly amazingness. Blogging once a week is my personal goal, and I think it’s a worthy one.

So let’s blog… about blogs.

Day 5: Create a blog

Since I’ve clearly taken this step already, I clicked through to some other of Robert’s posts about optimizing your blogging efforts. A few points that stood out to me:

»  Post relevant content

Maybe that’s a no-brainer, but I find it focusing. It’s tempting to just pop online and type out whatever streams from my consciousness. But taking the extra step to consider your audience and what they might like to read is sometimes a helpful thing.

»  Title your posts in a way that gets you found by search engines

For instance, “Blogging Tips for Writers” versus “Blogging Tips” – the ‘writers’ bit includes SEO vocabulary (in other words, a key word that Joe Blow might be plugging into a Yahoo search… if he actually ever used Yahoo as a search engine, but that’s another point altogether).

So basically, title your posts with words that clearly describe the content. This is something of an art, and I confess it drives me nuts sometimes. But I am prone to over-analyzation.

See prior point regarding ‘relevant content’. How ’bout let’s move on.

»  Find like-minded bloggers

This is a point well taken, and I really want to do this – often I find it’s all I can do just to post to my own blog, let alone go check out what others are writing. But I think there’s a rich community of writers, readers, and thinkers that is available to me through the internet… specifically WordPress does a great job of helping us connect… and I want to take advantage of that.

So look out bloggers, I’m coming to find you.

I think that’s probably enough for today. If you’re curious about Robert’s other blog optimization suggestions, take a look-see at the following:

15 Blogging Tips for Writers, 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

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