Day 3: Get Sociable Part 1

Four new followers today! Wow, this is so exciting. I just got home from lunch and am jetting out in a few minutes, but I will check you guys out soon. Meanwhile, a big welcome to Daniel Postlethwaite, MarriageCoach1, Madmoiselle Gathou, and Mazhar Qureshi!

Today’s step toward building my writing platform is ostensibly done already… I’ve been on Facebook for a few years now, but as I’m reading Robert’s recommendations, I realize I could crank it up a notch. For one thing, my writing page is seriously neglected. I don’t have time right now, but later tonight or tomorrow I will for-sure beef that up. You can hold me to it!

Day 3: Start a Facebook profile

This is a little sneaky, because there are two other blog posts linked within the one on Facebook… which I don’t have time to read right now, but will come back to. For now let’s skip to the “Most Important Things to Keep in Mind.”

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  1. Use your real name. Check!
  2. Complete your profile completely. Hmmm… my profile is pretty bare bones. I don’t like to talk about myself that much, and posting all my likes, dislikes, job history and voting preferences cut pretty close to the Day 1 “Define yourself” challenge/phobia. But I will take this under consideration.
  3. Use your account regularly. I do use my account, but I don’t post often. Robert recommends posting once a day. My last post was May 16 (today is May 20). Not terrible, but there is definite room for improvement.

In the interest of building an online platform for my projects and myself, the two main goals here are to make me easy to find and easy to contact. So I can see how mentioning something about writing and video production on my Facebook profile could be good. Even better, post my email address!

Things that make you say, “Duh.”

I’m curious what you all think of Facebook. There are a lot of privacy concerns flying around, and as I begin to use it more for business building in some ways, I don’t want to kill all the fun. I don’t want to be hyper-vigilant about what photos I post or are posted of me, for instance.

I also wonder if becoming more public with my profile in any way exposes my friends – if someone looks at my profile, do they then see all my friends’ posts on my page? Probably, yes. And depending on what they posted, that could be weird for them.

So… still figuring this out. Any thoughts from my new and beloved readers?

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Get Sociable Part 1

  1. Facebook is an interesting beast. It is very convenient and allows you to share things with a lot of people in a very time efficient way, but it also makes you vulerable. Requires wisdom…

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    I’m a very paranoid facebook user. My account isn’t under my real name, you can’t find me even if you know what to type… I try to fly under the radar, mostly because I use it as a way to joke around with friends, share pictures, and I often don’t want people I’m not reaaaally close to irl to be privy to my private life. I would suggest using an account with your real name for professional contacts only, since they’re likely to find it if they google you (unless you ask fb not to show your profile in search requests), and another one with a nickname/a variation of your name for those close to you.

    • I know, I didn’t want to put a lot of personal info online either… I think I struck a happy balance with just listing my email address (which is my preferred method of communication anyway) and having a separate ‘fan page’ to promote my writing and video projects. We’ll see how it goes. I know there are things you can do now by sorting your friends into ‘lists’ and limiting what can be seen by whom… sounds like work, but might be worth it ;o)

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