The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Never Seen

Well, yesterday’s writing challenge turned out so well, I decided to live another day. Freshly inspired by the new Sherlock Holmes movie (what a great screenplay, and so well produced… not to mention incredibly well edited), primed to create.

Day 3:
Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

What places have I seen… in real life, not in movies or photos or books or the Air and Space Museum’s To Fly! IMAX film.

I’d better start with a list of where I’ve been: beach, park, Florida, the keys, California, Mount Vernon, Niagra Falls, lighthouses, gardens, Seattle, Denver, Estes Park. Oh… I know!

The wind fluffs his hair and makes him squint as he holds on with one hand and gazes out to sea. It’s high – 200 feet above the water. And on this cloudless day, the view is incredible.

Down below, a ceremony is underway. He can faintly hear the low, boomy echoes of the mayor’s ribbon-cutting speech about the brilliant engineering, the dedication of the construction crew members, blah blah blah sacrifice, blah blah. Thanking everyone who made this day possible.

We didn’t do it for you, he thinks as a lone cloud scuttles across the sky, making a playful shadow over the water. The rippling waves touch sand and retract in their habitual familiarity. From here all the trees and houses are scattered neatly in untraceable patterns.

But the best sight is seen above. The massive steel architecture is breathtaking in its strength and beauty. As awe-inspiring as it is practical, the beams crisscross with the sun, the bounds between earth and sky getting lost in the intersection.

He’s seen it every day for the last three years, building this bridge. This special, private place just for him and his fellow crew members, suspended between heaven and earth. A bridge that took a lot of hard work and sweat equity to build. A bridge that gave even more.

Tomorrow it will be overrun with motor vehicles. Commuters on cell phone and trucks belching fumes. People using the bridge to get where they’re going, who may or may not pay attention to the glistening waves and the intersecting sky lines. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

Today, he’s on top of the world.

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